Window Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning services are the best way to get your house looking it’s absolute best.

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Disinfection Service

Most homeowners don't perform professional disinfection on a regular basis. Let our competent staff...

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Water tank Cleaning...

AITS, a premier industrial container service company, offers precision tank cleaning.

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External Area Pressu...

AITS is experienced in the professional cleaning of hard surfaces, including exterior paving. Our hi...

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We will offer full range of Cleaning & Maintenance Services.


AITS carries out a comprehensive range of internal and external cleaning and hygiene services for all of our customers.


AITS offers high caliber professionals to carry out HVAC Systems Maintenance for your home & Office.

Soft Services

Hard Services



If you want diligent cleaning service at your residential or commercial space or even shopping malls, AITS is the best cleaning service provider in the United Arab Emirates. More commonly known as Arful Islam Technical Services. Being a professional cleaning service situated in the United Arab Emirates, we do our best to make our clients satisfied with the dedicated and skillful workers.
Cleaning is our exceptional talent. We act with our ethics. As an eco -Friendly Company, we are highly recommended everywhere. And why not?
At each appointment, our cleaners wear clean gloves, wear shoe covers, and use a new microfiber cloth. Our cleaners reach every corner of the home. To sanitize the surfaces, we use hospital-grade disinfectants and steam machines. We wash and sanitize our towels professionally to kill germs and bacteria. Apart from that, we sanitize our cleaning equipment regularly to provide deep cleaning services and give our services according to your needs.
You can schedule a free in-house and office appraisal as a first step toward maintaining a clean residential space. Working hard to provide the highest quality cleaning and we believe you will not be disappointed.


Frequently Asked Questions

AITS is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry and a residential cleanup expert. We've had this leadership position for a decade, and our staff members share 10+ years of experience.
Our teams at AITS UAE clean thousands of homes across UAE. We recognize that we must earn and maintain our credibility, and clean thoroughly and efficiently while respecting our identity. We make decisions based on that concept.
ATIS can't ensure exactly when household administrators will come to your house as every residence receives personalized general servicing. Most houses fall into regularly scheduled servicing between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.
The majority of AITS UAE cleaners work for over 3 years and have cleaned more than 1,000 homes. We are proud of the company these cleaners love to work for.
When developing pricing, we consider numerous factors, including pet hair, dust, dirt, clutter, and your lifestyle. Please call our offices to learn more.
There are a few ways to book a cleaning service. You can call a cleaning service company and ask them to come clean your house, or you can use an online booking service.
We have a full assortment of cleaning detergents, brooms, buckets, cobweb removers, brushes, and combs.
As you clean, you will have the chance to go at your own place. While you have your apartment cleaned, some customers enjoy a pleasure walk. Others enjoy being able to offer the cleaning person instructions as necessary. Just make sure that your cleaning has entry to your residence.

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