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AITS, a premier industrial container service company, offers precision tank cleaning.

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Why Clean Water Tank?

Arful Islam Technical Service provides licensed and exclusionary water tank cleaning services compared to the other companies in UAE. Approved by expert municipalities, we offer services for all ranges and varieties of tanks, It does not matter whether it is traditional or classic, and cover we have all set with our materials. We do not compromise environmental and health concerns. Without using any harmful chemicals which contaminate the water supply, we use high-pressure cleaning equipment to clean the storage tank With years of experience and high-trained personnel, AITS has the assurance of the best work in the industry. Not to mention, our staff don’t fall short while providing their utmost cleaning services as well as have a careful eye for the safety of the work.

Why Water Tank Cleanliness is Important

  • Dirty water brings illness
  • Drinking safe water can help you prevent diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis, and many more
  • Regular monitoring is crucial to eliminate sediments, stagnant water, and corrosion
  • Maintenance or renovation can also sometimes cause serious contamination

What do we do while cleaning & disinfection?

  • A thorough cleaning of the surroundings
  • De-watering
  • Scrubbing and mopping
  • Removal of sludge
  • High-pressure water jet for cleaning
  • Vacuum Cleaner machine
  • Disinfectant treatment