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We are providing the best residential service you can ever ask for.

AITS has qualified staff to keep your apartment clean and sanitized. Only look after the little daily chores while we guarantee you the best service of your life. We have a vast scope of options for your specific needs. You just need to choose which suits you.

Soft Services we provide in UAE.

We have told you before about our work and that we would keep your home and apartment cleaner and healthier without any effort. AITS service providers may assist you with this. We have the best concept if you often end up with weekend work. Moreover, permit us to handle the whole home cleaning so that you can enjoy your weekends and remain tension free all day out.

We often provide a cleaner house than your private home cleaning crew. Each and every team member is highly trained, uninformed, and licensed for a peaceful life.

Therefore, we believe we are your most reliable service provider. The AITS services provider is one of the most reliable, reputable, and dependable household cleaning companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Health Guaranteed Services

Nevertheless, you do not need to use us, it depends on you, but we are the only residential cleaning services that ensure cleaning for particular health. We have several professional-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99% of dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne pollutants.

Furthermore, we utilize microfiber cloths to eliminate dirt and dust from your house and disinfect regularly touched surfaces to help to prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria and viruses.

We also help you keep you and our workers safe from risk when performing the industry's most profound and challenging residential house cleaning. Surfaces are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly by maintaining protocols.

Some of them are -

  • Surfaces are cleaned entirely from top to bottom
  • Usage of EPA-approved disinfectants to prevent Covid
  • Our services depend on the use of sanitary cleaning cloths.
  • Our crew members each follow a strict social distancing policy.
  • Team members wear proper clothing like gloves, masks, and other PPE.
  • Contactless cleaning service is assured.